Personal Support for Weight Loss Surgery

Support is a significant factor during any time of change—and we think it’s certainly essential to the success for any patient who has had bariatric surgery. Having someone to keep you accountable during those difficult times is so important. But we’d say it’s every bit as important to have someone there to cheer you along in your success, too.

At the St Vincent Bariatric Center of Excellence we offer a variety of programs to provide support for all of our patients—including statewide support groups and Bariatric Buddies.

Bariatric Buddies is a program that pairs patients who are at least one year out of surgery with our newer patients to offer guidance and encouragement throughout the process and recovery of weight loss surgery.

The goal is that new patients will have a support from another individual who truly understands the challenges and frustrations that often accompany substantial weight loss. Having a friend who can identify with unique situation is invaluable—and it makes a big difference in the long run.

After having your own Bariatric Buddy, we hope that you’ll consider becoming a buddy, too. The Center offers an orientation class twice a year to train the post-surgery buddies. And the buddies are then paired with new patients by staff at the Center—patient location is a factor in pairing because we think you should keep your friends close by.

Patients can request a buddy—or a staff member may recommend that a patient might benefit from a buddy.  If you’re interested in having—or becoming—a Bariatric Buddy give us a call at (317) 582-7088—or toll-free at 1-877-831-1582.

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