Blogging for Weight Loss Support

If you’re a regular here at, you know that at the St.Vincent Bariatric Center of Excellence we love to talk about the importance of support. But I can promise you that if we didn’t think it was so crucial, we wouldn’t be bringing it up every ten minutes.

So, we have our support groups and Bariatric Buddies, but we also know that many of our patients also like to use various online sources like for additional support.

This particular article talks about the benefits of using a blog as a support tool. It’s a good way to funnel energy and release that inner creativity, too. Take a look at the article to see some example blogs, and then start your own. There are plenty of free blogging sites to choose from. But if you don’t know where to start, I personally like

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  1. Linda Rodriguez RN ANP-BC CBN says:

    Thank you for your suggestion for an online bariatric support group. The St. Vincent Bariatric Center of Excellence is currently exploring opportunities to add this type of group to our schedule. As I visit our support groups throughout the state, I find that each has its own personality–so perhaps visiting another support group might provide you with the ongoing support that is so important in the bariatric journey. Also, our staff at the Bariatric Center would be happy to answer any question you have, so please call us anytime!

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