Finding Ways to Adjust to Your New Body Shape

After losing a significant amount of weight, you don’t just look smaller, your body can actually take on a different shape, which is a strange thing to get used to especially when you’ve spent years of your life identifying who you are with your weight.

In this video Bruce shares his insecurities about his changing shape and the advice given to him by his Bariatric Buddy, which was a simple as wearing a vest or jacket. Bariatric weight loss surgery brings a lot of new things into a persons life–like wanting to wear a vest all the time–which is why we encourage attending a supports group before and long after surgery.

At a support group you’re surrounded by people who know exactly what you’re going through. They know how hard it is, and how weird it can feel. And sometimes they’ve got just the answer you need.

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  1. Erin says:

    I am Rouxen-y post op 1 1/2yrs. I wear spanxs somedays other days I “feel” skinny…30/32 & 3–4X to 14/16 or 0X & LG. I’m 228lbs now was 336.6lbs. Its been an amazing journey…I see onederland not sure but I might make it by 2yrs. I was 214lbs. 17yrs ago. : D We can cover up batwings with shirts & spanxs for belly…People say the can’t believe I had bariatric surgery, The best choice I ever made…Mentally/physically MUCH better! Other also say would would never guess I have depression. I’m 43yrs in June. I don’t deprive my self…I just eat in moderation…YES! I gained some but I pump up exercises (Zumba is great) & protien. I hope everyone’s journey is as rewarding as mine IS…

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