Weight Loss Programs & Procedures

While obesity is a common problem, approaches to treating the problem are specific to each person. Our two main programs, bariatric surgery and the medical weight loss program, aren’t one-size-fits all approaches to treatment. But both options still share the common goal of providing a long-term solution to weight management so our patients can live long, happy lives, free of health concerns that are related to weight problems.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgical procedures fall into two main categories:

  • Those that mechanically restrict stomach capacity, thus enabling a patient to feel full after consuming less food
  • Those that block absorption of calories

The St.Vincent Bariatric Center of Excellence provides both options, plus a combination of the two. Gastric bypass surgery is the most commonly performed surgery, due to its high success rate.

Recent medical advances give patients even more options, such as:

Many of these procedures can be performed using minimally invasive techniques that greatly reduce discomfort and recovery time.

Learn more about our procedures here.

Medical Weight Loss Program

A Call to L.I.F.E, a Lifetime of Individual Fitness and Eating, is the Medical Weight Loss Program at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital. It is a medically-supervised program designed to help individuals make the physical and mental adjustments needed for a healthier lifestyle.

The program includes twenty visits over a period of thirty weeks. The first ten visits are the most intense, and involve weekly sessions that include weigh-ins, labs (if needed) and counseling. The final ten visits are bi-monthly, and help patients transition to greater personal accountability.

The Call to L.I.F.E. program consists of four elements necessary for successful weight loss:

  • Medical oversight, including blood testing and health screenings to assess the patient’s current medical condition.
  • Nutritional guidance provided by a registered dietitian to help the patient understand how the program is designed to reduce weight and improve health.
  • Behavior counseling, provided by a registered professional who manages each patient’s emotional needs, and helps them through the difficult times.
  • An exercise program, in which a fitness trainer helps the patient develop a fitness program and healthy, long-term lifestyle changes.

If you think the Medical Weight Loss Program might be right for you or someone you love, call (317) 582-8030 for more information.