LifeLines: Week of 4/21/2014

Making a conscious effort to lose weight is a big commitment—especially if you decide to have bariatric surgery. But these procedures are saving lives every day. If you think you’re an ideal candidate for bariatric surgery, check out one of our free seminars listed here. It’s a great opportunity to learn everything you need to know about bariatric surgery from our experienced surgeons and support staff. And if you want to stay on top of the most recent weight loss and bariatric surgery news, be sure to check out … Continue reading

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LifeLines: Week of 4/14/2014

Easter is quickly approaching and sweet sugary treats are determined to knock you off your A-game in your pursuit of a brand new life. We’ve collected stories from around the Internet to remind you of your goals so you can keep your eyes on the prize and improve your ability to get active with your friends and family. Stay up-to-date on the latest weight loss and bariatric surgery news at or check us out on Facebook. It’s easy to take the first steps toward a new life with St.Vincent … Continue reading

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LifeLines: Week of 4/7/2014


Want to stay connected with the latest news and most interesting stories about weight loss, fitness, and nutrition? We’re searching the web every week to keep you in the know on your journey toward a brand new life. Stay connected at or find us on Facebook. Sara Lugger lost nearly 150 pounds, but gained money and confidence along the way. After years of unhealthy habits, Sara took control of her life by joining DietBet, an online gaming site that encourages users to lose weight with incentives for reaching goals. … Continue reading

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LifeLines: Week of 3/31

Looking for information on the current happenings in weight loss and bariatrics? This week LifeLines brings you inspiration to motivate you during your transformation into a new life. Whether it’s debunking fad diets or a news anchor who handled a bully like a champ, you can stay in the know with and on Facebook. What did it feel like for Nina Osegueda to be told she was overweight by her teenage boyfriend? She wasn’t surprised, yet she took his acknowledgement as a chance to make a lifestyle change. She … Continue reading

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Lifelines: Week of 3/24/14

Choosing bariatric surgery isn’t taking the easy way out. It means a new life that’s dramatically different—in which you’ll be interested in new things and looking for new ideas. So every week, we’re going to be collecting resources from around the Internet we think will help you improve your lifestyle and overall health. This week, LifeLines is linking you to articles on vegetarianism, new bariatric surgery guidelines, and controversies amidst The Biggest Loser. And we’ve added some celebrations by those who’ve met weight loss goals (including one Rocky Balboa wannabe). … Continue reading

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Pennie’s weight-loss journey—a patient’s walk down the yellow brick road!

For years, Pennie Baldwin struggled with her weight—and with severe acid reflux. Having finally had enough, she visited her doctor hoping for a solution. The news wasn’t good. Pennie had a large hiatal hernia—the cause of her acid reflux issues. She was referred to a general surgeon, but there was a problem: the surgeon said Pennie was too large for a hernia procedure. Despite the setback, Pennie didn’t give up. She wanted a second opinion. So Pennie did some research, and decided to call St.Vincent and set up a consultation … Continue reading

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More than 400 pounds lost, and a new relationship with food

At 628 pounds, John Phillips expected (and got) stares when he went to the mall. He couldn’t buy clothes there, anyway; even the better “big and tall” options didn’t carry pants with the 82-inch waist he needed. He had started big and gotten bigger, which helps explain why now, ten years after roux-en-y gastric bypass and just ten pounds from his goal weight, John still doesn’t recognize his reflection. The now-slim teacher and music director was a “husky” youth who grew to a 300-pound high school graduate and then a … Continue reading

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Low-Cal Fruiti Custard


Our long winter has finally come to an end. And that means it’s time to embrace this warm weather and start making some summertime treats. I love sitting outside with a cold, refreshing dessert on a summer evening. Continue reading

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Chris Christie’s Weight-Loss Surgery: Part of a Larger Plan?

New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s sharp tongue has earned him a good deal of press over the years. Now his stomach is making headlines as reports that he underwent weight-loss surgery last February flooded the web this week. At 350 pounds, Christie has never been able to hide his weight problem. Some observers wondered if it kept him from making a presidential run in 2012. In light of this recent news, more than a few pundits are speculating that Christie may be trying trim down for a White House bid … Continue reading

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The unfair way the food industry gets you addicted and how you can beat them at their game


It’s probably no surprise that your body and mind respond to food in very specific ways. Anyone who has fought the urge for a second handful of chips or a third cookie knows this very well. Researchers are beginning to understand more about the qualities within food that make it so alluring and even addictive. Continue reading

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