Questions? We can help. Everyone needs lots of answers when considering a major step toward a lifestyle change like bariatric surgery. This is the place to find detailed answers to common weight loss questions. For additional bariatric FAQs, click any of the Tags at right, or click here. Our team is also available to help with any other questions you might have. Just give us a call at (317) 582-7000.

Weight Gain

It is possible after any weight loss procedure to gain weight, surgery is just a tool.  If you find yourself back into old behaviors and not making good food, fluid and exercise choices then we strongly encourage you to work with your bariatric dietitian.  This will give you some accountability, get you back on the meal/vitamin plan, and then make it a priority to get involved in your local support group regularly to be around other like-minded people. Click here for more information.

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This is a very common symptom after weight loss surgery.  There are several contributors: surgery, increased protein, calcium and iron, high demand for liquids and low intake of fibrous fruits and veggies.  You can work with your bariatric dietitian or follow these handouts to help correct the problem. Constipation Fiber Probiotics

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Weight Stalls

It is not normal for your body to lose “pounds” of weight every single day for months on end.  Once you get passed the first 1-3 months you may notice changes in how consistent and rapidly you lose weight, and typically around 6-8 months you will notice another shift, possibly making you lose even slower.  We encourage you to look at not just the number on the scale but also the inches you are losing as both are indicators of success.  Talk with your bariatric dietitian if you have concerns … Continue reading

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Why does my breath smell so bad and my mouth so dry?

Weight loss surgery can easily put your body into ketosis because of the high protein/low carbohydrate diet combined with small quantities of food.  Early on this can create some pretty severe symptoms like: bitter/metallic taste, bad breath, lightheaded/dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea and fatigue.  It is important to treat this so that you can get in adequate nutrition and hydration or you may need medical intervention with IV fluids. You can contact your bariatric dietitian or follow this handout to correct this problem.

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What can I do, my hair is falling out?

It is not uncommon to have hair loss after weight loss surgery 3-6 months after weight loss surgery, which can be attributed to rapid weight loss and just having surgery in general, but there are also nutritional deficiencies & medical conditions that can contribute as well.  Areas to consider are: protein, iron, zinc, essential fatty acids, vitamin A or thyroid disease, and PCOS.   It is important to follow up with your bariatric dietitian and/or surgeon to identify the root cause with blood work and start appropriate supplementation to correct the … Continue reading

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