Low-Cal Fruiti Custard


Our long winter has finally come to an end. And that means it’s time to embrace this warm weather and start making some summertime treats. I love sitting outside with a cold, refreshing dessert on a summer evening. Continue reading

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Low-Cal Cheesy Frittata


I’m always on a quest to find healthy recipes for ordinarily unhealthy meals. It’s definitely a challenge, especially for a carb and cheese lover like me. I found a great recipe for a frittata that is low in fat and calories, but high in ooey gooey cheeses. Continue reading

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Low-Fat Baked Dijon Chicken


When you’re short on time and need a filling meal, you may think that the only easy fix is to go through a drive-thru or pop a frozen meal into the microwave. There are actually easier and healthier ways to have a good meal when you’re in a hurry. Continue reading

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Low-Cal Deviled Eggs

Thanksgiving 2009 at Isabella and Cris

I found a recipe for deviled eggs that I can say YES to because it isn’t loaded with fat and calories. By using this recipe, you can eat two deviled egg halves for less than 100 calories! Continue reading

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Healthy Ham and Swiss Cups


Finding nutritious and filling snacks is one of the hardest parts of dieting. It’s almost impossible to find a tasty treat that isn’t high in calories and loaded with carbs. That’s why I try to steer clear of the store-bought, pre-packaged goodies and make my own snacks. Continue reading

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Low-Cal Breakfast Quesadilla


I found a low-calorie recipe that would be a breakfast in bed treat for your special Valentine. Even if you don’t have a Valentine this year, treat yourself to this savory, yet healthy breakfast quesadilla. Continue reading

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Low-Carb Egg Drop Soup


There are few things I love more than sitting down to a nice, hot bowl of soup after a long winter’s day. Soup is especially wonderful during this nasty cold and flu season. But who wants to spend a lot of time laboring over the stove when they don’t feel the greatest? Continue reading

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Healthy, Low-Fat Shepherd’s Pie


Don’t know what dish to make for the big holiday dinner you’re hosting that won’t totally kill your diet? You’re not alone. It’s hard to find a hearty, yet healthy meal that everyone will enjoy. Well, you’re in luck because this Healthy Shepherd’s Pie is a warm and delicious solution. It serves 20 people at only 282 calories per serving! Continue reading

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Low-Cal Tasty Tofu Custard Dessert

custard 2

The holiday season is officially upon us. It’s commonly known as the most wonderful time of the year, but for dieters it can be the scariest time of year. How do you stick to your diet when there are visions of sugar plums and Christmas cookies dancing through your head? If you are in need of an indulgent dessert this season that won’t make you feel guilty, give this low-cal, rich and tasty tofu custard dessert a try. Continue reading

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Hang on to that vacation feeling with Polynesian Chicken in a Slow Cooker

Your summer clothes are packed away and you’ve pulled out the jackets and boots and other cool-weather stand-bys, but, your mind keeps drifting to warmer, sunny days? Why not cook up something with a tropical flare? ┬áThis delicious (and super easy) dish will have you reliving your summer vacation and keep you in swim-suit shape. Polynesian Chicken in a Slow Cooker: Vegetable oil spray 1 and 1/2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs or 2 lbs bone in chicken thighs, skinned and fat removed 1/3 cups pineapple juice (6oz can) 3T … Continue reading

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