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At the St.Vincent Bariatric Center of Excellence, we think it’s important that our patients understand that their weight loss journey doesn’t end with surgery. That’s the reason why we’ve been featuring April, Bruce, Kathy, Rhonda, and Scott throughout the year, so that you can better understand what that journey looks like. But we think it’s exciting to see the progress that our other patients have made over the years, too.

7 Responses to Then and Now Gallery

  1. Jerry K Gray says:

    I had my surgery now will soon be three years this next week and only have gained 5 lbs which is great in a way! i lost a total of 130 lbs after the surgery and can move and feel so much better than ever! thank you to Chris Evison for giving me the life back that i wanted!

  2. zipporah says:

    WOW im really surprised how doctors can make a difference. now im really happy my mom denise is goin to get the bariatric test. im cheerin her on now and everyone whos got the test is very brave. keep up the good work! my name is zipporah and i go to school christel house academy.

  3. David Roby says:

    Dr. Huse patient. Roux-N-Y bypass from November 2000. Latest after photo taken on 1-14-2013. The surgery absolutely changed my life. I can’t thank the people and staff at St.Vincents Bariatric enough. I have a very regular diet and don’t have difficulty with any types of food at all. I love to share my story with others and if I can ever be of help in inspiring others with the long term effects and success please let me know how I can pay it forward.

    Thank you,
    David W. Roby

  4. David Boruff says:

    I had Lap Banding performed by Dr Evanson back in May of 2009 and lost a total of 100 lbs. I’ve been able to keep it off (well I’m like a hibernating bear I gain about 15lbs over the winter then shed it in the spring and summer). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of Dr. Evanson or St. Vincent. As a matter fact since I’ve had the surgery I’ve been able to return to the heath care field myself as a Surgical Technologist!! Thanks Dr. E and St. Vinnies!!!

  5. Kent Todd says:

    I had my RnY surgery April 11, 2013 with Dr. Evanson. I have lost 223 lbs in about 10 months! Dr. Evanson and St. Vincent Center of Bariatric Excellence has helped me to change my life. Thank you on behalf of my entire family for giving me the tool that I needed.

  6. Billie Sue Roach says:

    I had my surgery at St. V in August 2005. I lost 184 pounds and have kept it off. I will be celebrating my 9th anniversary this year and I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I would do it again tomorrow… I had looked into having bariatric surgery several years before and they wouldn’t do it…I’m glad they didn’t. I don’t think it would have been nearly as successful. I have since had some plastic surgery to get rid of the excess skin and I am even happier now!!! I highly recommend the St. V Bariatric Center!!!!!

  7. Dianna Cooley says:

    Dr. Diaz performed my surgery and was great! He helped guide me into the surgery where he felt I needed to be. I have confidence in the skills of the facility and couldn’t have been any happier with the care I received!

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